Cerberus’ investment strategies adhere to five inter-related principles: flexibility, innovation, risk management, discipline, and transparency. Individually, each principle represents an important aspect to asset identification and management. Collectively, these principles drive our strategic approach that allows us to successfully deploy capital and human resources in diverse market conditions across geographic regions and investment sectors.



A hallmark of Cerberus is our team’s speed and dexterity in applying our expertise to pursue investments in any market cycle, geography, and sector. Our diverse strategies enable us to invest across the capital structure where we see the most compelling long-term value. Our proprietary capabilities often afford our investment teams even greater freedom to capitalize on the right opportunities.



We have been a leader in the asset management industry by seamlessly integrating our investment and operating teams. Drawing on our management experience and financial acumen, we empower our teams to explore creative solutions that can drive performance and value creation.


Risk Management

We are committed to the goal of protecting our investors through comprehensive risk mitigation. Our business model is rooted in vigorous due diligence, strict compliance, and the application of efficient, creative, and customized deal structuring solutions. Cerberus-managed funds make conservative use of asset-level leverage and seek diversification to avoid concentration in single sectors or geographies. Investments undergo rigorous valuation analysis and are constantly monitored by our operations and investment professionals, and an independent valuation team.



Cerberus is a steadfast value investor with a disciplined approach to where and how we invest. Our investments do not rely on macroeconomic improvement or industry multiple expansion as cornerstone investment principles. We focus on rigorous analyses of intrinsic value and conservative projections of the opportunity for value creation. Most importantly, we invest where we can leverage our operational and financial expertise to achieve the greatest impact.



We demand a culture of strong corporate governance and an unwavering commitment to financial and operational transparency as well as best practices.