Cerberus’ Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (“CMBS”) platform is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in commercial real estate, trading, and structuring. Our team incorporates a strong knowledge of CMBS loans and capital structures into an investment process that emphasizes bottom-up property due diligence and tailored exposure to individual loan outcomes.


Our Investment Approach

We are committed to a fundamentals-driven and research-intensive approach to identifying investments that have the potential to produce attractive, risk-adjusted returns under a variety of stress-tested scenarios. We evaluate opportunities based on extensive credit underwriting, detailed loan-level research, and comprehensive analyses market factors.

Cerberus targets investments where complexity in properties, loans, servicing behavior, and capital structure creates price differentiation. We believe our CMBS platform is well-positioned to capture a diverse set of investment opportunities that can arise from legacy CMBS loans coming due in the subsequent years.


Our CMBS Edge

Experienced, Tenured Team

Our team has been investing together since 2008 and brings complementary expertise in all aspects of CMBS investing, including portfolio management, sourcing, trading, hedging, structuring, modeling, and risk management.

Custom Tools

Our custom tools incorporate rich data sets to support a comprehensive investment process, drawing on our experienced platforms and third-party research on properties, loans, markets, and appraisals.

Cerberus Real Estate

Our CMBS team collaborates with our Real Estate team to share insights on properties, loans, markets, and other industry trends, as well as source non-conventional deal flow from a vast network of industry relationships.

Cross-Platform Synergies

Cerberus’ broad investment and operating platforms generate a wealth of perspectives that benefit and promote more informed investment decisions about the CMBS market.